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Gorgeous Faux Wood Blinds in Columbia

Faux Wood Blinds in ColumbiaIf you love the look and quality feeling of real wood blinds, you’re going to love having a more affordable, durable option in quality faux wood blinds that give you more longevity from your window coverings. Faux wood blinds are easier to care for yet offer you the appearance and aesthetic qualities of real wood. Because they are made of synthetic materials or composite materials, faux wood blinds last longer and give you more features that real wood simply can’t.

Today’s technologies have been able to increase the strength of materials like vinyls and plastics that make them even stronger. Materials are bonded together during manufacturing along with color techniques that mean your faux window blinds will be color fade resistant and resistant to damaging affects of moisture or sunlight. In general, most faux wood blinds available will be constructed with a blend of wood pulp and PVC.

Faux Wood Blinds Options

Your home needs to be fitted with your choice in faux wood blinds to perfectly suit the space you’re upgrading. Faux wood blinds bring you the feeling of luxury without the high cost yet bring in much value to your home when of high quality.

Our Columbia shutter company will bring you the options in faux wood blinds you’re looking for. It isn’t easy to choose colors, textures, wood types, composites, and more. Our design consultation can help you to find the right faux wood blinds for your home or commercial window coverings.

Our faux wood blinds come in varying options that also offer you custom wood valances. You can choose from colors and stains that will look great in your Columbia area home.

  • 2″ to 2-1/2″ wide adjustable or fixed louvers/slats
  • Roller Blinds like woven bamboo or grass reed blinds
  • Premium composite materials

The Faux Wood Blinds Difference

When you choose to go with faux wood blinds, you’ll have many benefits that can make them incredibly valuable to you.

  • Easy to clean
  • Durable and strong
  • Resistant to humidity and moisture
  • Wont warp or crack
  • Energy Saving
  • More affordable
  • Resistant to mildew

Faux Wood Blinds Installation

Palmetto Blinds & Shutters makes your window blinds choices easy to install because we do it for you. All your faux wood blinds will be perfectly fitted to your home’s windows by a team of experts who will care for and respect your home or business as well as you.

We have a great team that works closely together to bring our customers the most in faux wood blinds and other window treatments for the home. Give our professionals a call and we’ll help you find, order, and install all your home’s faux wood blinds!

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